Stone Arabia Patent

Stone Arabia Patent

The Stone Arabia Patent took about 13,000 acres from local Indians, in return for 300 pounds in Indian goods in 1723 and deeded parcels to mainly German immigrants.  The approximate boundaries of the Stone Arabia Patent are shown in the map below.

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Early Stone Arabia by Andrew L. Dillenbeck  -- Paper read before the New York State Historical Association at Canajoharie on the historical tour of September 24, 1931

An 1823 map of the Stone Arabia Patent

First allotment Stone Arabia Patent lots

The Christian Garlock or Stone Arabia panent

The division lines of the Van Slyck, Schuyler, & Garlock patents


There were three allotments.  The first granted 2,550 acres to 27 men in 1723 :

Johan Christian Garlack, John Lawyer, Andries Feink, Hendrick Frey, Warnar Digart, Bartholomew Picart, Johannes Schnell, Johannes Cremse, Johannes Emigen, William Vocks, Mardan Dellinback, Adam Emigen, Teobald Garlack, Suffereinas Deigert, William Copernall, Hans Deterick Cassalman, John Joost Schnell, Christian Feink, Simon Erchart, Mardan Seibart, Elias Garlack, Johannes Ingolt, William Nellese, Andries Peiper, Lodowick Cassalman and Gerhart Scheffer.

Of these patentees, the last two took no share in the first division but a share was granted to Bartholomew Picard, Jr.

The second allotment was made in 1733.  It granted 9,169 acres to 30 more men:

Martynis Tillebagh, Johannis Lawyer, Andris Finck, Nicholas Pickard, Lodewyck Casselmann, Andreas Finck, Jr., Symon Erhart, Jacob Snell, Johannis Snell, Adam Emge, Wilhelmis Casselman, Dierik Loucks, Sutferynes Teyger, Johannis Myderse, William Brower, Johannis Crams, Hanes Erhart, Barhanadus Van Diere, War(ner) Teygor, Johannis Miller, Jacob Sible, Jurigh Houck, Piter Soots, Johannis Schulthuys, Johannis Wies, Van Schullne, Hendrick Six, William Nellis, Nicolas Stensoll, and Robert Garther.

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